30 June 2006


This is me when I started a new picture.

I have always loved to draw but I really started in 1990. Before I never had the time. So I went again to school ... but this time a school I loved !

I stayed there for several years, learning a lot and having fun. Then I continued in courses organized by the city where I live.

Once a week we are getting together, all leisure painters. We have a teacher who helps those who need help and in October we do an exposition of our works during the school year. If you are lucky you also sell your pictures.

I mostly paint cats, but not real once, I just take their body forms compose and paint them in orange, red, blue etc.

When I had been at art school, I added a cat to every imposed subject. So they all started to call me Madame Chat, which means Mrs. Cat in french. I have four cats, they are all my models ! It's amazing the way a cat moves and changes position even when you think she is deeply asleep.