15 November 2006


For the first time in my painting group, I did something else than cats. That was quite a revolution to everybody.

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I saw a photo montage combining a cat head and a pingouin body, so I choose it

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Here of course it's selfspeaking !

All paintings are in acryl and on canvas.

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Nov. 8, 2006
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Pastel on Canvas
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Acryl on canvasImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Acryl on Canvas
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Acryl on canvas

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I think I don't have to specify what the paintings represent ! All of them I did in Art School. Of course there were no cat models. There were Still Lives or models and to the big sorrow of my teachers I always added a cat. Finally they gave up and everybody started to call me "Mme Chat" which means Mrs. Cat (some people think that chat (english) suits me better). Since I really started I have only used pastel and acrylic.

And here is the link to all paintings I had published before :


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    OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

    BEAUTIFUL Paintings, Gattina...I LOVE the rich colors...and I like that BLUE, a whole lot!

    Anonymous said...

    I wish animals and humans had the same colours in real life...that would be so nice...so nicer than the grey walls and faces...
    that's very good Gattina

    RennyBA said...

    Your painting is so very beautiful Gattina - really breath taking - thanks for sharing with us!
    Btw: Thanks for your birthday greetings. Hope you will join me in my one year blog anniversary too:-)

    Anonymous said...

    Love the painting of the cats! I should commission you to do a portrait of my orange tabby, Kung Pao!


    Pamela said...

    Beautiful Paintings! You have lovely and unique style. The colors are so deep and passionate. Reflective of your love for your sweet kitty's. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Hallo Gattina
    Habe mich sehr über deinen Besuch bei mir gefreut. Um all deine Blogs studieren zu können, müsste man ebenfalls schon Rentner sein *g* Jetzt hab ich mal hier geschrieben, hoffentlich findest du meinen Kommentar auch :-)
    Du malst ja wundervolle Bilder, sehr schön. Mein Mann malt auch, aber leider viel zu selten, schade! Demnächst werde ich ein paar von seinen Bildern in meinem Blog zeigen.
    Also besuch mich mal wieder, du brauchst auch gar nichts in meinem Garten zu arbeiten, versprochen
    Sigrun kenne ich übrigens persönlich, wir haben uns schon ein paarmal getroffen. Sie ist eine ganze Nette und lustig obendrein!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Gattina

    I can see your love for cats in your paintings. I'm a cat lover, as you know, and if I was a painter, I would be painting cats! But your paintings are beautiful - the colours are so rich. Thank you for showing what you do.

    Anonymous said...

    Your love of cats shines through in your work Lovely paintings I love the colours

    Luna said...

    Me gustan muuuuuuuucho sus pinturas Gattina y más porque tienen gatos.

    mjd said...

    Do you sell your paintings?

    Chaotic Mom said...

    Wow, you are amazing. I would be interested in buying a copy of the Catguin. I'm not kidding. Can you get a copy made somewhere?

    Sonia Novaes said...

    Gostei de suas pinturas...
    Também pinto...gosto de paisagens e flores.
    Feliz 2007...
    Sonia Novaes

    Heather in Beautiful BC said...

    Hi Gattina - I really like your paintings - especially the violin and cat. It's so obvious you love cats :)

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