07 February 2007


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These paintings are all acryl on canvas

The model and the chairs were imposed from Art School, but I added cats of course.
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Cats in a "souk"
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Luna said...

Amo todas sus pinturas!
I love all her paints!
Luna´s Mom

Meow said...

Ingird, I just scrolled through all of your paintings ... they are wonderful, you are so very talented. And I love that you have included cats in all of them. A woman after my own heart !! I think a life without cats would be terribly lonely. I have cats everywhere throughout my house ... on floor mats, on kitchen trays, mugs, pictures on the wall, t-towels, ornaments, pot holdes ... and many other things I cannot think to remember !!
Thank you for sharing your talent ... it is all so wonderful. Keep it up.
Take care, Meow

Helen said...

Wow, you paint such wonderful paintings! I wish I could paint as good as you do!

Luna said...

Wunderschöne Bilder. Du hast großes Talent. Schade, dass ich keinen (Arbeits)Platz habe, sonst würde ich es auch mal versuchen.

Anonymous said...
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