26 February 2007


Paintings in acrylic on canvas

We had to paint a vase with tulips, but I found it too boring so I added a cat.

I used to sit in London's pubs and draw the people, then I made paintings out of them.

I draw my cats while watching TV, and then I put the cat forms together

Here we had to paint a chair, it looked so lonely, you see the result.


vlado&toni said...

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog today and special thanks to your comments on my "un-ausländerized" post. You are so right about the social hierarchy thing, now that I think more about it that makes really sense why I am bullied by shopkeepers/cashiers. There was one time I was really upset and went to the manager - His reply " sorry she can't help it, she's only a salesperson!" That was a weird reply. Anyway, change topic. I love your paintings! I also have a cat and it just amazes me how you have captured those cat movements and cat positioning. I just love your use of colors. I will be bookmarking your blogs and will be looking forward to more of your paintings!!!

lisa said...

Hi Gattina. I love the simplicity and bright colors in your paintings. I took my first drawing class in January and am starting a watercolor class the end of this month. It is always fun to tap into your creative side.

Lee said...

Love the paintings...they are fun and a joy to view.

david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good week